Well-Woman and Gynecological Care

Whether you are seeking your annual preventative wellness visit, contraceptive options, preconception counseling or problem management, Sky Valley Midwifery is able to offer you full-scope care with Kate Rowe, our Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner- Certified Nurse Midwife. 


Annual well-woman exam - 100% covered by your insurance company and including all age-appropriate health and wellness screenings

Contraceptive Options - All hormonal and non-hormonal, reversible birth control and pregnancy spacing options

Gynecologic Management - Schedule a visit for symptoms or problems you are experiencing 

Preconception Counseling - Learn how to ready your body for pregnancy and labor

Evidence- Based, Patient-Centered Care

Please call and talk with us if you have questions or concerns about your body, your health or our offered services. 

Ph: 509-566-2020