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Hailey Potts

Student Midwife, Doula


 I am Hailey Potts a Doula and student midwife who is certified in NRP and CPR and always expanding and learning. My heart is in helping families through many ways and really bringing some of the spiritual sides of the journey forward. It never feels like work to me. I absolutely love every minute of this life.


A little information about me personally is I am married and have two wonderful children who I birthed naturally at home with midwives. My first birth experience with my daughter is what exposed me to the birth field and really sparked something inside of me. I started to learn more ways to be involved and eventually got pointed to becoming a doula and have never looked back.


The more I learn the more I want to know.  Its an amazing miracle that occurs everyday and I will always be grateful I found my calling and passion. I love walking alongside each and every family getting to witness the couples become families and families becoming larger and just life being welcomed earth side for the very first time. I will never get tired of witnessing this miracle all you amazing families out there let me join you in. Thank you to you all. 


With love, Hailey Potts your grateful doula and student midwife. 

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