Financial Information

Sky Valley Midwifery accepts insurance for services rendered. All Washington State based insurance plans are required by law to reimburse Licensed Midwives for maternity services. (Including Medicaid). We are contracted with all Medicaid plans and most private insurance plans.

Sky Valley Midwifery is contracted with Washington State Medicaid and select Apple Health Plans. You are required to notify us of any changes in your Apple Health coverage. Your entire family is required to stay on the same Apple Health Plan. Do not change Apple Health coverage without talking to our billing office first.

Private Insurance

Sky Valley Midwifery is in the process of contracting with major insurance plans. We will run benefits on your plan and give you a pre-estimate out of pocket cost. This amount will be due by the 36th week. All newborn care will be billed separately after their care has been given.

If you have questions about your insurance policy and coverage, please contact:

Island Billing Services

Sky Valley Midwifery follows the medical billing and coding guidelines set by the American Medical Association.

Global maternity care consists of: 

  • Routine obstetric care including routine prenatal care in the office, vaginal delivery, and routine postpartum care.

  • Breastfeeding support

  • 24 hour access to midwifery services

  • Referral services to other providers as necessary

These services do not include: 

  • Newborn care

  • Home birth kit and supplies

  • Supplements

  • Birth Assistant fee

  • Doula Services

  • Placenta Encapsulation

  • Blood draws, ultrasounds, medication administration, or additional and frequent visits due to complications of pregnancy.

  • Any care beyond your routinely scheduled care will be billed separately.

  • Medical problems complicating labor and delivery management may require additional resources will be billed separately.

  • Services rendered by other providers such as the facility fee for a birth center or hospital, ultrasound technicians, laboratories, pharmacies, and ambulance transport are not included in global maternity care. These will be billed separately by the healthcare providers who rendered the service.

  • Blood work, urinalysis, and Pap Smears collected by your midwife will be sent to an outside laboratory for testing. Those tests will be billed by the lab to your insurance company.

Sky Valley Midwifery works with a professional biller and will gladly submit all claims to your insurance company on your behalf; however, we ask that you read your policy and/or call an insurance representative to be fully aware of any limitations of the benefits provided. 

The global fee must be paid to Sky Valley Midwifery no later than your 36th week.


CASH PAY: You are eligible for 10% discount if your portion is paid by 14wks. 

Newborn fees 

At the time of birth, the newborn is a separate patient and is subject to an individual deductible separate from the mother’s deductible. Your insurance company will be billed separately for every newborn examination even if your midwife is also examining you on the same day.


Newborn care includes: 

  • Newborn exams and follow-up care from the time of birth to 2 weeks postpartum.

  • This care may include the following: vitamin K injections, erythromycin, metabolic screening/PKU at 2-5 days and 8-14 days, bilirubin testing, CCHD screening, hearing screening, and weight checks.

Due to the nature of varying newborn charges, payment for these services will not be due until all insurance claims have been processed. It is your responsibility to add your newborn to your insurance plan as soon as possible after delivery.