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Raising a Newborn

Sky Valley Midwifery accepts insurance for services rendered.

All Washington State based insurance plans are required by law to reimburse Licensed Midwives for maternity services. (Including Medicaid). We are contracted with all Medicaid plans and most private insurance plans.


Sky Valley Midwifery is contracted with Washington State Medicaid and select Apple Health Plans. You are required to notify us of any changes in your Apple Health coverage. Your entire family is required to stay on the same Apple Health Plan. Do not change Apple Health coverage without talking to our billing office first.

Private Insurance

Sky Valley Midwifery is in the process of contracting with major insurance plans. We will run benefits on your plan and give you a pre-estimate out-of-pocket cost. This amount will be due by the 36th week. All newborn care will be billed separately after their care has been given.

If you have questions about your insurance policy and coverage, please contact:

Island Billing Services 

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