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Accepting New Patients

Are you interested in experiencing customized pregnancy care with the option of delivering at a community-based birth center?  

The Birth House with Sky Valley Midwifery PLLC is a free-standing birth center that offers holistically-minded prenatal and postpartum care in addition to out-of-hospital birth in Yakima, WA. Prenatal care offered at the Yakima location is primarily served by provider Lauren Clark-Boucher  LM, CPM, IBCLC, and supporting staff.  The Birth House is available to all Sky Valley clients, regardless of which location they are receiving prenatal care from. 

The Birth House is a multi-room facility containing a spacious living room area with a kitchenette; an exam room for prenatal client care; a birth suite equipt with a cozy bed, a couch, supportive labor equipment (birth ball, peanut ball, etc), a deep bathtub available for use in labor as well as desired water birth, and more! 

To learn more about the services offered at Sky Valley Midwifery PLLC, check out our website or submit a contact form below and a staff member will reach out to you shortly. 

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Lauren Clark-Boucher


What type of care is offered at The Birth House?

Midwifery Care

Sky Valley Midwifery prides itself on forming trusting relationships with its clients as they are key participants in the care they receive during their pregnancy.

Out-of-Hospital Delivery

Home birth has been around since people started giving birth. For low-risk pregnancies, this is still possible.

Prenatal Screening

The Birth House offers standardized care options for labs, ultrasounds, and other forms of prenatal screening. 



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