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Midwifery Care

Sky Valley Midwifery prides itself on forming trusting relationships with its clients as they are key participants in the care they receive during their pregnancy.

Sky Valley Midwifery provides complete prenatal services.

Sky Valley Midwifery provides complete prenatal services, routine blood work, genetic testing, and referrals for diagnostic testing (ultrasound) as necessary.  Visits are scheduled the same way a doctor’s office would provide; the difference is more time available for education, questions, and informed consent prior to procedures.


Seeing a midwife during your pregnancy is a special and unique experience. Each family brings different expectations and desires to their appointments. Midwifery care focuses on the family unit, with education to encourage collaborative care. Midwives provide encouragement and foster trust during the childbearing years, ensuring feelings of empowerment to make informed choices.


​Prenatal Care Includes

  • Individualized care

  • Your participation in all decisions made regarding your care

  • Physical exam/pap smear

  • Blood pressure monitoring

  • Listening to your baby’s heartbeat [with a stethoscope or doppler]

  • Measuring your belly and determining the baby’s position

  • Screening for mood disorders

  • Nutritional/exercise counseling

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Routine prenatal vaccines

  • Reviewing upcoming tests and procedures offered

  • Education on what to expect during pregnancy, birth, and how to prepare for your new baby

  • Answering your questions and concerns

Prenatal Appointments Are As Follows
  • Every month until 28 weeks

  • Every few weeks from 28 weeks until 38 weeks

  • Weekly from 38 weeks until 41 weeks

  • Every couple of days from 41 to 42 weeks


* Initial prenatal appointment lasts approximately 60 min.

* Subsequent prenatal appointments 30-45 min.

* Telemedicine available


After birth, the body goes through a huge transition of recovery and hormone shifting. The focus should be on resting, bonding with your baby, and breastfeeding. Midwifery care is unique in the way we incorporate the needs of mother and baby into routine care. The midwife comes to you! No need to pack up and head to the office. Stay in your bed, in your PJs, and rest. We don't expect to find a clean house or to be waited on. The goal is to do as much skin-to-skin as possible and get to know your new addition!

Postpartum Appointments Are As Follows
  • 24/hr phone access for urgent needs

  • 24-48hr appointment to evaluate mother and baby

  • Up to 6wks of postpartum support


Mother Evaluation Includes
  • Mother evaluation includes:

  • Vital signs (blood pressure, temp., etc.)

  • Wound recovery evaluation

  • Breastfeeding evaluation/support - referral to lactation specialists

  • Screening for postpartum mood disorders


Newborn Care Includes
  • Vital signs ( heart evaluation, breathing, temp., etc.)

  • Weight checks

  • Hep B Vaccine

  • Vitamin K 

  • Hearing screening

  • Jaundice evaluation

  • Feeding evaluation

  • CCHD screening (Congenital Heart Defect Screening)

  • Newborn Metabolic Screening (PKU/heal poke)

    • 24hrs & 2 wks

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